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DNS Nameserver Host: Akamai Technologies, Inc.

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Open API Specification: TDB API

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For over 70 digital currencies, is a world-famous and secure cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers convenient trading services. The operations of the company began in 2013. What was once small is now among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges globally. Fast transaction processing times, a user-friendly interface and robust security systems are the primary attributes is widely recognised for. The technical facets of both the company and its APIs will be thoroughly examined in this article. Our examination will include analyzing its placement within the industry.

Technical Aspects

The platform of, a highly advanced cryptocurrency exchange, offers its customers a variety of features for enhancing their trading experience. The platform’s secure foundation is comprised of a reliable trading engine that can handle large trade volumes. The task is completed at lightning speed. The trading engine can process as many as 2.5 million transactions per second. Among the fastest digital currency exchange platforms globally is where it holds its position.

In addition to its trading engine, employs advanced security measures to protect customers’ funds. A security system that has multiple tiers is used by the platform, which incorporates 2FA, cold wallet storage, and real-time monitoring. The aim of its design is to secure the belongings of its patrons from theft or hacking.


The offered range of APIs by enables developers to seamlessly integrate the platform’s trading services into their applications. The following are included within these APIs:

Through the platform’s REST API, developers can access’s trading services. Services that are provided include account management, market data, and order placement. The security of data transmission is ensured through HTTPS encryption in our API.

Real-time market data and trading updates can be obtained by developers from the platform through’s WebSocket API. A constant connection between client and server is established using WebSocket protocol by the API. Efficient data transmission at higher speeds is facilitated through this.

The trading services on’s platform can be accessed by developers using their FIX API through the FIX Protocol. A standard among electronic trading in financial markets is FIX.

Position in the Industry

Being one of the most renowned cryptocurrency exchanges globally, claims its place. A large customer base is spread across more than 200 countries where it operates. The platform is recognized for providing a trustworthy and safe trading atmosphere. Its service has been awarded countless times.

Innovation and continuous improvement are what make well-positioned in the industry. The platform keeps adding novel features and amenities frequently to its platform. This involves novel trading pairs, fiat currencies, and modes of payment. Additionally, the organization has advanced a recently launched mobile app. Smartphone access is available for customers to use the services provided by the platform.

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