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API contracts require mutual agreement on what the data is telling you. SLAs are essential to agreeing on the quality of service. Benefit from external, independent corroboration of the service levels you’re receiving or delivering.

APIContext is focused on analysis, not on delivering a particular service. We’re not a competitor or a party interested in your data.

You were compliant on launch. Stay compliant on an ongoing basis with an auditable and fully accountable reporting system.
External analysis is always done the same, and analyzed the same way. We provide objective reporting on compliance to standards.
Generate compliance statements for regulatory bodies directly from monitoring data without labor-intensive manual intervention.

Independent API Service Analysis

Nobody should self-certify their performance – whether you are supplying a service to end users or dependent on a range of services provided by third parties. You need accurate data not just about uptime and latency, but it all means for your business.

With APIContext, we can provide comparative data to similar types of service generated by our machine learning systems from a billion API calls we’ve made.

Take the Guess Work out of SLOs and SLAs

Real metrics generated from real call data generated from the cloud data centers where applications are hosted. Understand the service levels that are being delivered before setting actionable SLAs that all parties can agree on. Set SLA budgets, generate SLA reports for multiple locations across all the critical API performance metrics.

Ongoing Analysis

Solutions that were compliant on the day of launch don’t always stay that way. With easy to configure automation of reporting, security, API flows, APIContext provides the tools to continually assess compliance to standards and report on those in a meaningful way to all the stakeholders both internally but also at standards bodies and regulators.

Don’t get caught out by unexpected issues with compliance or security and maintain peace of mind.

Real API Calls

Handle GET, PUT, POST, DELETE and more – any type of HTTP request – in our similar call manager.

Validate Responses

Set conditions. Override expected HTTP return codes for 200 failures. Set variables on a test or global basis.

Functional Security

Fully integrated security manager for API Keys & OAuth including JWT and JWS. Test scopes and token validity.

Line of Business

With regulators being involved in ever more parts of the compliance chain, business managers and business teams need accurate, dependable metrics which they can share and standby.

Customer Support

With independent monitoring with detailed Artificial Intelligence assisted diagnosis solve a major pain point and save money at the same time.


With independent monitoring with detailed Artificial Intelligence assisted diagnosis solve a major pain point and save money at the same time. Have independently generated quality metrics and reporting that take the guess work out of operations, with the side benefit of traceable fault detection from the servers your end customers use.

Case Study

SLA & SLO management Case Study

Read our study on how a leading client used APIContext to set and measure their SLOs and SLAs with a supplier.