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Latest Coin Metrics API News

A prominent organization for cryptocurrency market statistics and supporting facilities is Coin Metrics. The finance and crypto industry veterans formed it in 2017. The target was to achieve clarity in the world of digital assets. Coin Metrics has developed multiple APIs for users to attain its market data and analysis. Building custom applications and tools is also possible for users.

Utilizing several APIs, users can access Coin Metrics’ market data and analytics. Market data for over 400 crypto assets is provided by the CM Market Data API, which users can access in real-time or historically. With the CM Reference Rates API, users can access daily reference rates for cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and others.

The access to Coin Metrics’ analytics and insights is available through various APIs by the company for its users. One of the APIs that are currently available is the CM Network Data API. This API supplies users with network data and metrics for cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin. Included as well is the CM Nomics API, which gives users market data and analytics for over 7,000 crypto assets.

Besides these APIs, Coin Metrics presents numerous infrastructure solutions to institutions and organizations. One of the solutions to access raw blockchain data and analytics is through the CM Network Data Pro product. Institutional-grade market data and analytics are offered to users through the inclusion of the CM Market Data Institutional product.

Coin Metrics places significant emphasis on security and has established multiple security protocols to ensure the protection of its users’ data and information. To ensure security, Coin Metrics employs two-factor authentication (2FA) as a primary protocol. A code sent to their phone or biometric factors like fingerprint or facial recognition are the second factors that users need to provide for this security measure. Their username and password are accompanied by this extra feature.

To secure communication between its servers and users, Coin Metrics also utilizes SSL encryption. All data sent between two points like a user’s computer and Coin Metrics’ servers is encrypted because of the standard security protocol of SSL encryption. The data is protected from unauthorized interception through this encryption.

In addition, Coin Metrics has a team of security experts that monitors its systems for any indications of suspicious activity. Regular security audits are performed by the company to maintain the efficacy of its security protocols.

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