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APIContext provides industry-leading API monitoring for providers and consumers of APIs. Our patented technology allows us to run functional API calls from a variety of locations and clouds around the world and build a profile of how APIs really behave.

We are a trusted, independent source, giving assurance that critical APIs do not negatively impact users or business operations.


Outside <> in monitoring of critical Open Banking API flows including the key security scenarios from where your customers are.


Secure, fully FAPI compliant API calls made from any data center in the world or from agents you set up and control yourself.


Regulator ready quality reporting and verifiable audit reports of functional security requests and critical API calls.

Why Global Banks Love Working with APIContext

Real monitoring, no fuss

Imagine having a Trusted Third Party or partner in every data center your customers might work from, or wherever you host your solutions. Now imagine being able to securely monitor from those locations in real time, 24/7 with a heartbeat test that covers all your critical functionality. You don’t have to imagine, APImetrics is here.

Added Security verification checking

Working with Global Standards Bodies

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