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A platform for researching cryptocurrency markets, Coinpaprika offers real-time data and analysis. The platform’s foundation was laid in 2018. Currently, it is considered as one of the foremost reliable sources for acquiring knowledge about cryptocurrency. Accessing data and integrating it into applications is possible through a variety of APIs for developers.

Coinpaprika APIs

Accessing data is possible for developers with the help of various APIs the platform offers. Following are included in the APIs:

If you need public information like cryptocurrency prices, market caps or trading volumes this API will let you retrieve it. Developers have the freedom to use the public API free of cost to obtain data in JSON format.

The Pro API is a paid subscription that offers enhanced features such as historical data, real-time order book data, and candlestick charts. Professional traders and developers who need advanced data should consider using the Pro API.

The Trading API is a paid API that lets developers perform trades for their users. The Trading API was created for developers who desire to build their own cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Security Protocols

Coinpaprika ensures user data protection by having several security protocols in place. Multiple security protocols are employed:

SSL encryption secures both the website and APIs. The data transmitted between the user’s browser and the server is encrypted by SSL encryption. A third party cannot intercept it.

It offers 2FA for enhancing account security. A code sent to their mobile phone or a biometric identifier must be entered by the users for 2FA. Logging in is required to enter their accounts.

For account recovery, the process requires users to identify themselves securely. Accessing their accounts necessitates doing this first.

Coinpaprika continually monitors its platform for any suspicious action and responds to hinder unauthorized access or fraudulent activities.

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