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A platform for trading cryptocurrencies, 3Commas offers tools and services to help traders automate their trading strategies. Real-time market condition data is provided to users by the platform’s API connectivity with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. Trading opportunities are also offered.

Custom trading bots, portfolio management tools, and other applications can be built by developers using APIs. The platform is interacted by these applications. The APIs contained here are:

Using the Trading API enables developers to perform trades on the 3Commas platform. It involves managing open positions, monitoring trading activity and placing buy and sell orders.

The Account API offers developers access to account information such as balances, transaction history and user settings.

Software developers gain immediate access to varied cryptocurrency exchange market data via the Market Data API. The order book data, price feeds, and trade histories are all included.

Generating an API key after registering for a developer account on the website is how developers can access these APIs. Authentication of requests made to the API is achieved through utilization of the API key. Programming languages like Python or JavaScript are available to developers for interacting with the APIs.

Customized trading bots and other applications which interact with the platform can be built by developers using these APIs. Predefined strategies can be used to enable bots that perform automatic trades, with developers making use of the Trading API. Enabling real-time insights into market conditions, the Market Data API can be utilized by them to build analytics tools.

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