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Latest CryptoCompare API News

CryptoCompare offers investors with real-time market data and analysis for cryptocurrencies. The platform was established in 2014. To become one of the most popular cryptocurrency information sources, it had to undergo growth. To access its data and integrate it into their applications, developers can utilize several APIs.

CryptoCompare APIs

Using several APIs, they offer developers to access its data. The APIs contain the following:

Users seeking information in real-time or historically can use the Professional API. This includes data along with news articles and social media sentiment analyses. For professional traders and developers who require advanced data, the Professional API is designed.

Accessing current details about cryptocurrency prices, trading volumes and market caps is possible through the Free Basic API. The Fundamental API is ideal for developers who desire to integrate fundamental cryptocurrency data into their applications.

The Streaming API requires payment but provides valuable information on cryptocurrency prices and order books in real time. Real-time data can be obtained by developers utilizing the Streaming API for their applications.

Security Protocols

The company has implemented many security protocols that seriously protect its users’ data. For enhanced security, it has implemented several protocols.

It guarantees the safety of its website and APIs by using SSL encryption. All data exchanged between the user’s browser and the server remain confidential with SSL encryption. No unauthorized party can intercept it.

The user account protection is provided by support for two-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA mandates that the user provide another factor, such as a code sent to their phone or using biometric identification. Use this to log in to their accounts.

The company has a reliable account recovery mechanism that mandates the authentication of users’ identity. Accessing their accounts necessitates completing this compulsory step.

To prevent unauthorized access or fraudulent activity, they monitor the platform constantly.

CryptoCompare offers multiple APIs for accessing their trustworthy cryptocurrency data. Platform’s security protocols prevent unauthorized access and fraudulent activities thereby protecting user data. A professional trader or developer seeking to create a cryptocurrency application can benefit from this. In the cryptocurrency market, the APIs furnish you with the necessary data and tools needed for success.

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