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As APIs become more critical to business, they are also becoming more vulnerable to hackers. “Shift-left” security measures add security checks during design and implementation – but teams also need to consider “shift-right” requirements, which provide assurance that APIs perform as expected in the production runtime environment.


Make real, functional security and authentication calls from outside your stack to confirm all the key components are working as expected.

Networking Metrics

Handle critical aspects of API security flows natively using MTLS and JWT signing with encrypted key storage to FAPI standards.


Generate audit traces of security results to be able to prove to internal and external risk assessors that security is up and functioning in production.

API Security Monitoring

Monitor real functional sequences for your critical secure APIs using the same security that a customer would use. Don’t just test and hope – APIContext gives you secure, easy to use tools to be able to verify all aspects of your functional production security system.

Client Testimonial

API Intelligence

How APIContext Works

APIContext works with all the major API security standards with an API-first, API-native focus from inside our core platform. Don’t risk monitoring your security stack with unreliable or brittle scripts running on unknown servers. Configure and verify your security function 24/7 on the cloud data centers it is being called from using the same settings as your customers.

Differentiating Features

Measure secure, production APIs

Outside > In end-to-end monitoring

  • Looks the same as a customer journey
  • Easy to test scenarios from different locations and data centers without knowing lots of dev/tooling
  • Solves the ‘the customer is complaining but engineering says it’s all fine’ issue

Active Security Monitoring

  • Run key security checks in production 24/7 with little overhead or technical debt/complexity
  • Identify if resources accidentally get opened unexpectedly
  • Test FAPI and OAuth scenarios in production without writing lots of code, and leave them running 24/7


  • Measure from where your customers have applications not just AWS
  • Be ready for a distributed JAMSTACK/SMOKESTACK world
  • Understand where best to host, where to help your customers with problems that can be fixed

Integrated Reporting

  • Easy to use integrated reporting – create your own reports, see the data you need to see with our AI assisted Insights
  • Don’t get the wool pulled over your eyes by teams with their own agendas?
  • Get unfiltered access to accurate end-to-end performance metrics that match your customer’s experiences

SLA and SLO Tracking

  • Measure Service Levels from where the user of the service is based, not from inside your stack
  • End-to-end metrics generated by tooling that isn’t part of service deliver, development or your existing APM stack – builds trust and confidence in metrics

Integrated API Security

  • Designed to work with product security for some of the most secure API stacks in the world in exactly the same way as a trusted third party would use it – imagine having a monitoring surface the equivalent of a third party in every data center
Case Study

British High Street Bank Open Banking API Assurance

A major UK retail bank relies on APIContext for critical heartbeat verification and independent regulator reporting.

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