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In Japan in 2014, Yuzo Kano founded Bitflyer, which is now a cryptocurrency company and formerly worked for Goldman Sachs. Most people recognize the company for their cryptocurrency exchange platform. Users can purchase and trade several types of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin through the platform.

Providing secure and trusted services for the storage and trading of cryptocurrencies is the company’s main focus as a cryptocurrency company. To manage user accounts, execute trades, and provide real-time market data, different APIs are utilized.

Integrating with its exchange platform can be done by developers through several APIs.

For accessing the exchange, the main API used is REST API. You can manage accounts, place orders, execute trades, and retrieve market data using its functionality. Portfolio management tools and custom trading bots can be built using the REST API by developers. They can build additional applications that connect with the platform.

This API offers developers real-time market data and order book updates. Real-time market data is required for building custom trading interfaces, algorithmic trading bots, and other applications using it.

With the Lightning API, merchants can accept Bitcoin payments on their websites or mobile apps. It supports repeated billing and subscription payments in a secure payment processing context.

Accessing these APIs is made possible for developers who register for an API key and use it for authenticating their API requests. Getting started with these APIs is simple with the help of the provided support and documentation. Integration of custom applications with the exchange is possible for developers.

Real-time market data, trade execution, account management, and more can be accessed through these APIs. The APIs can be altered and tailored as per the requirements. The construction and integration of developers’ own applications and trading tools is made easy.

Ease of use is a standout feature of the company’s APIs. Accessing the APIs is possible for developers through standard HTTP requests. JSON format for responses makes data parsing and analysis easier.

The Public API, Private API, and Lightning API are among the various APIs offered to developers. Ticker info, order books and trades are among the real-time market data provided by Public API. With the Private API, developers are able to handle their account by placing or cancelling orders, checking balances, and viewing order history. Experience quicker and more scalable trades with the advanced Lightning API.

Bitflyer’s API capabilities offer developers the ability to address various use cases. Included are the development of trading bots, building custom trading applications, and the integration of data into other applications and services. Professional traders requiring advanced trading capabilities and real-time market data also prefer the APIs.

To secure user data and maintain platform integrity, the company implements multiple security measures. Multi-factor authentication, SSL encryption, and secure data storage practices are among those included.

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