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Latest CoinMarketCap API News

CoinMarketCap, established in 2013, is a primary provider of data for cryptocurrency markets. The platform collects information from various cryptocurrency exchanges and presents users with real-time market data and historical price charts. Other pertinent data is also included.

Application programming interfaces, known as APIs, facilitate communication between distinct software programs. The platform offers multiple APIs for users to access their market data and other features. Accessing real-time market data and historical price charts is made possible for users via the public API within these APIs. An API they have is professional and gives users more features and data.

There is a user-friendly public API that supports both REST and WebSocket protocols to its users. Market data is available to users via the API and includes price quotes, volume, market capitalization as well as other important metrics. Numerous cryptocurrencies can avail these. The users need to sign up for an API key, although the use of the API is free. Accessing its features requires this key.

The professional API offers users more data and features to utilize. The list includes real-time trade data, historical OHLCV data, and global metrics like total market capitalization and dominance. The API is intended for professionals such as institutional investors and traders who need incredibly precise and thorough market data. The professional API can only be accessed after paying a monthly subscription fee.

They have implemented several measures to protect users’ data and ensure security. Its market data’s integrity is also maintained by it. Securing its website and API endpoints while utilizing SSL encryption is one way the platform prevents users’ data from being accessed by unauthorized sources. To stop excessive usage and abuse, the company employs rate limits on its APIs.

A new feature called Verified Exchanges has been introduced recently. Filtering market data based on verified exchanges is possible with this feature for users. The market data’s accuracy and reliability are ensured with this. It enhances user confidence in the data they are utilizing.

The company is happy to offer reliable and user-friendly cryptocurrency market data, providing several APIs so that users can access its features and data. For people interested in keeping up with developments and trends in the world of cryptocurrency, this tool serves as a fantastic option. One can retrieve real-time market data and historical price charts using the public API of the platform. The market data offered by the professional API is more detailed and accurate, catering to institutional investors and professional traders. By using stringent security protocols, CoinMarketCap ensures both market data precision and safety for user’s valuable information. For those interested in staying current with cryptocurrency market data and trends, including traders, investors, and enthusiasts, CoinMarketCap represents a valuable resource. Other useful tools include historical charts and real-time data.

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