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Powerful, Elegant, Real-world API Testing

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Easy API Testing

API Testing is essential for the success of your API solutions. APImetrics provides easy to use external API testing which works the way your users use APIs. Generating the same metrics that your users need to understand how well APIs work.

  • Set up API Testing easily
  • Create and manage assertions
  • Test the calls from your browser or from any cloud data center

Create Workflows

APImetrics provides integrated workflow support – making it easy to test critical sequences, handle variables and more, all inside an interface designed for REST API testing.

  • Make API Testing easy with an integrated workflow manager
  • Build sequences and test them without scripts

Global, cross-cloud reach

Your users and customers aren’t all on one cloud, so why only test from AWS? APImetrics lets you handle REST API testing from every major public cloud data center with call frequencies from every few seconds to every few hours.

Run API tests from one of 80+ locations worldwide.

Integrated Security Handling

Whether it’s an API key based security, standard OAuth or a complex FAPI grade security sequence including sign-in we have it covered.

  • Integrated OAuth Handler with callback service
  • mTLS calls as part of the product
  • Refresh tokens handled natively
  • FIPS 140 Compliant KSM storage of JWT signing keys for banks

Reporting and Quality analysis

See what you need to know to explore failures, latency problems and more all from our integrated reporting and AI driven dashboards.

  • Every result is stored for as long as you’re a customer meaning you can always see what happened and what changed
  • Detailed graphing and reporting to pinpoint exactly when problems start and fix them quickly
  • Performance change alerts so you know about problems before they hit end users

Alerting the way you want it

From email alerts about performance changes to webhook integrations into critical tools, APImetrics covers everything you need. Don’t just get told when things break, get told before they break.

Ready To Start Monitoring?

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