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Key Poloniex API Resources


DNS Nameserver Host: Amazon.com, Inc.

Developer Sitehttps://docs.poloniex.com/#introduction

Postman Collection: TBD

API Docs: https://docs.poloniex.com/#http-api

Open API Specification: TDB

poloniex API

Latest Poloniex API News

Tristan D’Agosta created Poloniex, which is a cryptocurrency exchange established in 2014. The business is located in the USA. One of the most renowned cryptocurrency exchanges in the world has materialized. Poloniex’s trading services for cryptos comprise spot and margin trading, amongst others. They offer lending and borrowing services too.

By utilizing a range of APIs they offer, developers can integrate their custom software with the Poloneix exchange. The real-time market data can be accessed by developers through these APIs. They may also program automatic trade executions to take place along with managing user accounts. Poloniex offers numerous APIs that developers can utilize, such as:

The ability to execute trades on Poloniex exchange programmatically is provided by this API for developers. Limit orders, market orders, and stop orders are among the many types that it can handle. It can trade various cryptocurrencies.

This API supplies cryptocurrency market data in real-time. Data on price, order books, and trading volumes are all included. This data can be employed by developers to create their personal trading algorithms. They can use it to present current market information on their own websites or applications.

Managing their user accounts on the Poloniex exchange programmatically is possible for developers through this API. This includes managing sub-accounts, checking account balances, and viewing transaction history.

Poloniex has established its technical system in a way that can accommodate substantial trade volumes effectively. It guarantees swift order execution times. Poloniex’s multi-tiered design ensures exceptional scalability and reliability. The exchange employs multiple technologies to enhance order matching and lower latency. Memory-mapped databases, high-performance networking, and distributed load balancing are among the technologies included.

Poloniex views the security of its users’ assets as a critical responsibility. The exchange has taken several security precautions to protect user funds. The majority of user funds are kept in cold storage while utilizing two-factor authentication (2FA) and SSL encryption measures. Poloniex monitors the exchange for possible security threats with the help of a team of security experts they have employed. When required, they adopt fresh safety measures.

Notwithstanding, Poloniex encountered security incidents in the past. About 12.3% of the Bitcoin holdings were lost due to a security breach that occurred in March 2014 at the exchange. The exchange’s hot wallet system had a vulnerability that was exploited by an attacker to cause the breach. Poloniex promptly reacted to the breach. The exchange suspended all withdrawals until they could fix the vulnerability and secure user funds.

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