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DNS Nameserver Host: Cloudflare, Inc.

Developer Sitehttps://www.bitmex.com/app/apiOverview

Postman Collection: TBD

API Docs: https://www.bitmex.com/app/apiOverview

Open API Specification: TDB

Bitmex API

Latest BitMEX API News

The crypto derivatives trading platform BitMEX was founded back in 2014. The high leverage options and advanced trading tools are what the platform is renowned for. Users can trade cryptocurrencies with substantial leverage using these. API offerings from the platform are available for developers interested in building their own trading apps. Their applications may integrate the trading platform as well.

The company formulated their APIs to be both versatile and user-friendly. The trading platform enables developers to create diverse applications. The two different APIs offered are REST API and WebSocket API. By utilizing the REST API one can access a lot of trading endpoints and data coming through standard HTTP. Real-time market data can be received and trades can be executed in real-time by developers through the WebSocket API.

The REST API has endpoints for accessing various types of information like market rates, order book information, transactional details and user account specifics. Accessing historical trading data, managing positions, and placing or cancelling orders are all possible for developers through the REST API. Developers with various levels of expertise can effortlessly use the REST API since it is appropriately documented and simple to utilize.

The WebSocket API is specifically designed for real-time trading platforms and offers immediate market data as well as constant order updates. Real-time data updates are required for building trading bots and other real-time trading applications using the WebSocket API. The WebSocket API is easily usable and has complete documentation. Developers with varying levels of experience can easily access this.

The company has taken numerous measures to safeguard its users’ assets, demonstrating its serious approach to security. The application of multi-signature wallets is a significant security feature. Multi-signature wallets need numerous signatures to sanction transactions, which severely impedes hackers from stealing funds. To guarantee that solely permitted users have entrance to their accounts, it additionally employs two-factor authentication.

The company also mandates adherence to specific guidelines for API usage in addition to its security protocols. To authenticate their requests, developers must use API keys. The system can be prevented from overloading by limiting the number of API requests made. BitMEX’s guidelines also cover handling errors and managing rate limits.

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