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Financial services to technology, APImetrics works with industry leaders and industry bodies

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Monitor All Aspects of Your Industry, Enterprise or Service

Essential monitoring, information and tracking for all API developers.
API Quality

Whether you consume SaaS solutions or have internally-developed APIs, we help you maintain accountability through an continuous, accurate picture of performance.


Run from inside the firewall or conduct real world performance monitoring over live networks. Integrated authentication with support for API Keys, OAuth & 2.0+JWS/JWT.


Test from the locations you and your stakeholders actually use. Report quality, SLAs and performance to financial regulators – automatically – with complete confidence in the numbers.


Integrate with existing visualization and log tools, such as Splunk, logRhythm and more.
Create custom dashboards for internal and external stakeholders.


Prove to regulators, regional ICOs and other governing bodies how you performed against standards.

Have real-time records on hand, in the right format, and resolve disputes quickly and fairly.

Agree SLAs

Offer or demand SLAs (Service Level Agreements) with confidence.

Measure delivered Service Levels and use as the basis for agreements. Drive SLA management with independent monitoring.

Practical Benchmarks

Understand how you measure up to other APIs in your industry or class.

Benchmarks are driven by our database of over a billion real API calls. Data is broken down by pass rates and latency and quality scores.

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