Real-world data on cloud service API quality

The longest-running, most comprehensive analysis of cloud service provider API quality. Now updated with new data, new endpoints, and new locations.

In 2023, APIContext analyzed over half a billion API calls; across thousands of API endpoints; from dozens of geographically-diverse cloud data centers; and covering all the major cloud service providers including Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud.

In this report, we analyze the API quality data of cloud service providers, and build on the unique longitudinal dataset that we have maintained for years to understand the positive and negative developments from the cloud service ecosystem, as well as analysis of individual cloud service providers. This extends our unbiased, industry-wide API quality scoring yet again.

The findings are dramatic. Quality has decreased over the previous year for several cloud service providers. There can be up to a 1,000% difference in performance between cloud service providers. And no enterprises can afford to rely on just one cloud anymore.

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