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DNS Nameserver Host: Cloudflare, Inc.

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Open API Specification: TDB API

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A platform for cryptocurrency exchange, Gate-io provides users with access to an extensive selection of cryptocurrencies. The launch of the platform occurred in 2017. One of the most extensively used cryptocurrency exchanges in the world is now it. Developers can access data and integrate it into their applications using several APIs.

Gate-io APIs

Access to data is available through several APIs that are provided for developers. The following comprises the APIs:

The platform’s trading functions can be accessed through the standard REST API. The RESTful API’s compatibility with numerous programming languages facilitates its integration into third-party applications.

The Websocket API allows real-time access to the platform’s trading functionality. The Websocket API is intended for developers who require real-time data in their applications.

Traders can use the Spot API to access the platform’s spot trading functions with ease. The Spot API is simple to integrate into external applications and has a vast programming language selection.

Security Protocols

To protect its users’ data, Gate-io takes security seriously and has established numerous security protocols. There are various security protocols in place such as:

To secure its website and APIs, Gate-io implements SSL encryption. Using SSL encryption guarantees that any data sent between the browser and server is encrypted for security reasons. A third party cannot intercept it.

Users can use two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect their accounts from unauthorized access. A code sent to their mobile phone or a biometric identifier are among the second factor options users need to enter for 2FA. Accessing their accounts requires this step.

Verifying the user’s identity is a crucial step in their strong account recovery process. Accessing their accounts requires completing this step.

Constant monitoring of its platform is conducted to stop any suspicious activity and to prevent fraudulent actions or unauthorized access to Gate-io.

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