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API monitoring from APIContext lets you spot problems quickly before customers and users do. With an easy-to-use interface and direct integrations to major API tooling systems, now you can monitor all your critical APIs and API workflows, generate reporting, and get alerted when you need it.

1. Setup

Setup API flows easily and simply from a curl command or import them directly from Open API specs or Postman.

2. Monitor

Monitor regularly from over 100 different cloud locations at customized intervals

3. Report

Add alerts, reports and share data to other users or stakeholders instantly and with total security.

Cross Cloud from 100+ locations

Your customers aren't on one cloud. Why test from only one? Schedule APIs from any public AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, or Akamai locations

Real-time alerts

Add and manage custom conditions for your APIs. Set alerts based on speed, size, content & more.

Easy setup, simple import

Integrated API reporting, quality API metrics and SLA compliance. Customize and export quickly and easily.

Setup API calls simply and quickly

Setting up API monitoring is as simple as entering a URL. The APIContext user-friendly interface lets you make any type of HTTP call, and test it right there in the browser – or from 100+ locations around the world.

You’ll get instant results, which means instant answers and instant solutions – before your customers even know something is wrong.

Create Functional Sequences

Set up functional sequences of API calls including variables. Configure alerts based on assertions and other metrics.

Monitor from 100+ Locations

Imagine being able to monitor from 100 different locations at AWS, Azure, IBM, Google, and Akamai data centers. Add new locations using our containerized agents.

Integrated Reporting and Analytics

APIContext provides a range of integrated reports including AI-based insights, SLO reporting, and latency reporting using our patented CASC scoring system.

Functional Security

Experience integrated security monitoring with in-product handling of OAuth including refresh tokens, FAPI and OpenID connect flows and more. Manage all aspects of API security natively from within the product without expanding your attack surface.

Alerting the way you want it

Error and performance change alerts via email or webhook. Integrated OpenTelemetry or webhooks for critical tools.

APIContext API monitoring gives you the information you need – before you knew you needed it.

Don’t wait.

Get an alert BEFORE it breaks.

Real API Calls

Handle GET, PUT, POST, DELETE and more – any type of HTTP request – in our similar call manager.

Validate Responses

Set conditions. Override expected HTTP return codes for 200 failures. Set variables on a test or global basis.

Functional Security

Fully integrated security manager for API Keys & OAuth including JWT and JWS. Test scopes and token validity.

Ready To Start Monitoring?

Want to learn more? Check out our technical documentation, our API directory, or start using the product immediately. Sign up instantly, and monitor your first API call in minutes.