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Open API Specification: TDB

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A South Korean cryptocurrency exchange called Coinone was founded in the year 2014. Users can securely and confidently purchase or sell various cryptocurrencies through the platform. This article will focus on Coinone and how it employs APIs. We will analyze its safety protocols too.

Using APIs or application programming interfaces, software programs can communicate with one another. Coinone provides multiple APIs to enable users to reach its trading platform and other distinctive traits. The APIs contain a public interface that permits users to retrieve real-time market data and additional information. Their private API offers extra features and trading capabilities to users.

The design of Coinone’s public API kept the user in mind, featuring support for both REST and WebSocket protocols. The API enables users to retrieve several types of market data that include price quotes, volume, market capitalization and other essential metrics. Various cryptocurrencies are offered as options. An API key is necessary for accessing the public API at no cost. Accessing its features requires this key.

The private API designed by Coinone caters to institutional investors and other professional traders who require highly developed trading capabilities. Users are provided with additional features by the private API, including real-time trading data, order book information, and other trading-related metrics. The features of the private API are accessible only through a monthly subscription fee which users have to pay since it is not free.

Coinone takes several measures to protect its users’ data in terms of security. Its trading platform’s integrity is also preserved. By using SSL encryption, the platform ensures that user data remains secure on both the website and API endpoints. Coinone incorporates two-factor authentication (2FA) as a strategy to thwart any potential unauthorized attempts to gain access to its users’ accounts. In the occasion of a security infringement or other unforeseen circumstance, Coinone maintains a reserve fund to safeguard its users.

It’s an invaluable resource for cryptocurrency traders and investors seeking a reliable and secure way to transact in various cryptocurrencies.

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