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DNS Nameserver Host: Akamai Technologies, Inc.

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Open API Specification: TDB


Latest OKEx API News

In 2017, Star Xu established OKEx as a cryptocurrency exchange. The company has become one of the biggest crypto exchanges globally and is situated in Malta. Spot and margin trading are offered for cryptocurrencies. Futures and options trading are also offered by them.

Developers can make use of various APIs to link their own software with the exchange. Accessing real-time market data programmatically, executing trades automatically, and managing user accounts are some features offered by these APIs. Developers have access to a selection of APIs, which include:

Trades can be programmatically executed on the exchange through this API by developers. Various order types are supported including limits, markets, and stops. Trading various cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies is possible using it.

This API supplies live market data for various cryptocurrencies. Data on pricing, order books, and trading volumes are included. Using this data, developers can formulate their individualized trading algorithms. Their own websites or applications can display up-to-date market information using it as well.

Programmatic management of their own user accounts on the exchange is possible for developers with this API. This encompasses sub-account establishment and management, balance verification, and transaction history review.

The technical arrangement is created to guarantee that the platform can manage substantial trade volumes. Similarly, quick execution times for orders are offered. The design of the architecture as a multi-tier ensures high scalability and reliability. The exchange makes use of numerous technologies for better order matching and lesser latency. Memory-mapped databases, high-performance networking, and distributed load balancing are among the technologies included.

The security of their users’ assets is of great importance and taken seriously. To safeguard user funds, the exchange utilizes multiple security measures. Our safety measures include employing 2FA, SSL encryption, and storing the majority of user funds in cold storage. Employing a team of security experts, the company constantly monitors the exchange to prevent any possible security threat. They implement fresh security measures when necessary.

Despite taking these measures, they have experienced certain security incidents in the past. Approximately $5.6 million worth of cryptocurrency was lost due to a security breach in August 2020 at the exchange. By exploiting a vulnerability in the exchange’s hot wallet system, an attacker caused the breach. The response of OKEx to the breach was prompt. The exchange suspended all withdrawals until they could fix the vulnerability and secure user funds.

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