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Many metrics can be used to understand API quality. But too many metrics lead to confusion. Our Cloud API Service Consistency (CASC) score provides a single number, out of 10, that shows how well any API is functioning. Simple and clear.

The Cost Of Poor Performance

Through deep analysis of our customers’ performance, we’ve been able to identify the cost of poorly performing APIs to your enterprise.

CASC Score Monthly Incidents/Endpoint Overhead Annually (Avg.)


1-4 Typically Minor Up to 400 hrs/yr


2-8 Minor, but Occasionally Serious Up to 800 hrs/yr


4-12 Needs Attention Up to 1,200 hrs/day


12+ Unacceptable Performance 2,000+ hrs/yr

Meaningful Comparisons

The CASC score takes into consideration performance trends over time using our patented monitoring technology. See issues at a glance and spot trends that might not be obvious from other analysis.

Performance Outlier Detection

Look beyond the focus on p50, p90 and p99 values with outlier detection algorithms based on our patented scoring technology. Outliers are analyzed by cloud location and are based on passes and fails.

A comprehensive score for your APIs

Think of the CASC score like a combination of an API speed test and a credit rating. We take all the metrics we have for your API, blend them together, then compare the result against our unrivaled dataset of historical API speed test records. This gives us a single number that’s benchmarked against all the other APIs monitored by APIContext, and continuously updated.

Real API Calls

Handle GET, PUT, POST, DELETE and more – any type of HTTP request – in our similar call manager.

Validate Responses

Set conditions. Override expected HTTP return codes for 200 failures. Set variables on a test or global basis.

Functional Security

Fully integrated security manager for API Keys & OAuth including JWT and JWS. Test scopes and token validity.

Trend Analysis

Identify and spot trends with individual or collections of APIs with a simple, single score. Changes can be communicated quickly to all stakeholders without any ambiguity.


Compare services from different providers instantly with a meaningful comparison of the service quality of different providers in an objective way.


Understand the quality of the services and eco-systems that you work with in a meaningful way.

CASC paper

Read our introduction to CASC scoring