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External API Performance Monitoring

"Rather than an inside-out view, we realized that we needed a specialized tool that could give us visibility into the performance of our site and apps in the same way that the rest of the internet sees us”
Richard Marshall
First Utility (A Shell Energy Company)

External, cross-cloud API performance monitoring

Flexible metrics

Go beyond HTTP codes to verify APIs return the correct content, we identify outages, outright failures and performance impacting events that fall outside normal expected variation for every part of the call sequence.

Detailed Latency analysis

See the performance all parts of the API call process, from DNS look up through to server side processing times from the locations your clients use. Look outside your stack and see if the internet is part of the problem.

Multi-cloud, global

Partners, users, clients are on different clouds - don't assume everything is the same between them. Monitor from the clouds your users are on not just what your tool is built on and understand how cloud and location impact performance data

Intelligence Outlier Detection

AI and ML based systems detect API performance outliers and group them so you don't miss things by relying on averages. We see the 70% of performance issues missed by other systems.

See SLAs at a Glance

Identify the key metrics you need for SLA management automatically. Identify statistical outliers and percentiles quickly without additional work.

Custom Time Analysis

Time-based data designed to simplify reporting to different regulatory bodies with little effort. Need the Time to First or Last byte? We have it. Need only certain time slices for peak hours - we can generate it.


Make calls from external servers using the same settings and security as your customers use with the same conditions.

Clear Breakdowns
Timings stored by all parts of the API call sequence from lookup to call completion. Anywhere in the world.
Simple Reporting
One-click report generation. Integrated sharing options for API call quality. Performance data by region or call.
Custom Settings
Define what is a failure or pass for an API or sequence. Override HTTP codes to identify passing failures or other edge cases.

Identify key issues quickly and easily

Many API Performance issues can get lost in the noise with more than 70% of issues having no clear cause – leading to confusion between Ops teams, support, customers or even regulators.

Our systems spot what you need to know and product focused reports on the APIs, clouds, geographies and even locations you should worry about.

Detailed location reporting

Detailed location based reporting for each API under management. See domain level data or individual API call performance from a specific geography.

See how API performance varies by cloud location and cloud provider – identify where in the world you should be hosting on and identify issues often invisible to your engineering teams.


Share reports and access to data directly from projects without needing to have users able to access key functions or security features.


Automated reports can be mailed out to stakeholders, users and customers on a weekly basis.


All reports can be printed as readible and clear PDFs formated for easy sharing around your oragnization.

Location Performance Analysis

See geographical and cloud latency and performance down to an IP address level from a simple, graphical interface.

Detailed Statistical Analysis

Latency graphs, pass-fail reports and detailed performance heat-maps stored to allow for trend reporting over time.

Ready To Start Monitoring?

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