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Unit’s infrastructure is designed to support cloud-native applications that are containerized and can run in various cloud environments. The company uses modern technologies like Kubernetes and Docker to provide a scalable and reliable platform for building and deploying applications.

Unit offers several APIs that developers can use to interact with its platform, including:

Deployment API: This API allows developers to deploy and manage containerized applications on the Unit platform.

Service API: This API enables developers to create, manage, and scale microservices that are part of their applications.

Identity and Access API: This API provides authentication and authorization services to control access to Unit’s platform.

Unit has robust security protocols in place to protect its platform and customer data. The company uses SSL/TLS encryption for all data in transit, and data at rest is encrypted using AES-256 encryption. Unit also regularly monitors its systems and conducts security audits to ensure that its platform is secure and compliant with industry standards.

To date, there have been no reported breaches of Unit’s platform or customer data.

Unit’s API performance is generally fast and reliable, with low latency and minimal downtime. However, API performance can vary depending on factors such as network connectivity and the size and complexity of the applications being deployed.

Unit has not experienced any significant downtime reported in recent years, indicating that its infrastructure is highly resilient and reliable.

Unit has evolved over time to expand its platform and provide more advanced tools and features to developers. In the future, the company plans to continue investing in its platform and expanding its capabilities to support a broader range of use cases and industries. Unit’s vision is to make it easier for developers to build and deploy cloud-native applications in any environment, and they plan to achieve this by continually improving their platform and partnering with other technology providers to deliver a seamless experience for their customers.

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