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Latest Shippo API News

The software firm called Hippo delivers an easy-to-operate platform to manage shipping and logistics for businesses. By designing their technical specs and infrastructure to manage high volumes of shipping data, the company can provide instant visibility into all aspects of their shipments.

Including shipping and logistics services, developers have access to several APIs.

The Shipping API empowers developers to generate shipment labels, track parcels, and retrieve live shipment rates from multiple carriers.

By using the Tracking API, developers can keep tabs on shipments and receive timely updates on package statuses throughout the shipping process.

This API enables developers to produce customs forms and commercial invoices for international shipments.

The Address Validation API lets developers verify shipping addresses and guarantee that packages are delivered accurately.

Its highly scalable and reliable infrastructure includes numerous redundancies that ensure the swift and precise processing of shipping data. In order to manage shipping data effectively and offer real-time visibility into shipping activities, the company combines cloud-based servers with databases.

Its use of industry-standard encryption protocols helps keep data transmission between its servers and clients secure with regards to their security protocol measures. The implementation of multiple layers of authentication and access controls enables the company to restrict API and shipping data access to only authorized users.

No significant data breaches have been reported as far as known breaches. Regular updates to its security protocols help the company stay ahead of potential threats.

With its quick response times and infrequent downtimes, the API has a reputation for reliable performance. Factors like network latency and the number of concurrent requests can impact API performance to a certain extent.

Recent years have seen no significant downtime reported, implying that its infrastructure is exceedingly resilient and dependable.

The company has expanded its shipping and logistics offerings over time to provide more advanced features to businesses as a company. Expansion of the platform and innovation are on the company’s agenda for future, in order to cater to a wider range of businesses and industries. To simplify the shipping process for businesses of all sizes is Shippo’s vision. They aim to attain this by continually investing in technology and collaborating with carriers and other logistics providers.

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