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Belvo API

Latest Belvo API News

Belvo provides an API platform for accessing and analyzing bank data as a financial technology company. Pablo Viguera and Oriol Tintoré began the company in Mexico City during May 2019. The aim of the company is to form an open banking framework across Latin America.

One of the most innovative fintech startups in the region is Belvo. The AI category award BBVA Open Talent 2019 and the Finnovista Pitch Day Mexico 2019 were two of its accolades.

Belvo’s operations have grown beyond Mexico since the beginning. Nowadays it operates in numerous Latin American countries like Brazil, Colombia and Chile.

Regarding technical specifications and infrastructure, Belvo has established a strong, expandable platform that enables developers to retrieve and handle banking data. The platform utilizes common security protocols and encryption methods to safeguard user data. The company has yet to report any security breaches or incidents.

Developers can utilize Belvo’s range of APIs to access and analyze banking data, which include:

Real-time access to important banking information is provided by the Account Information API. This includes balances, transactions and detailed account information.

The Transactions Categorization API sorts transactions into categories based on their type, merchant, and category automatically.

Income sources, expenditures and savings data are just some of the types of information that can be obtained through use of the Financial Health API.

The API for verifying income accesses bank transaction data to verify user income.

Accessing bank account data is how the KYC API verifies a user’s identity.

Belvo has reported no major downtime or service disruptions. The company provides developers with a favorable experience by prioritizing it above all else and offering ample assistance through extensive documentation, tutorials, and support for API integration.

Many developers have had positive experiences with Belvo thanks to its simple and reliable APIs. A lively community of developers is supported by the company’s platform that accommodates various programming languages and frameworks.

New Latin American markets are among the expansion plans for Belvo. Belvo is still innovating its API platform to offer additional and stronger tools for analyzing banking data. The company also intends to improve its security and compliance protocols to safeguard user data.

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