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Emnify API

Latest EMnify API News

    Emnify provides a secure and scalable infrastructure for IoT devices as a leading cloud communication platform for the Internet of Things (IoT).

    In 2014, Martin Giess and Alexander Schebler established Emnify in Berlin, Germany. San Francisco and Singapore are where the company has additional offices while it is currently headquartered in Berlin.

    The initial aim of the organization was to provide cell phone connectivity for connected gadgets. Since then, it has extended its offerings to comprise a holistic IoT platform that offers sophisticated security, data management, and analytics capabilities.

    Awards and accolades have been consistently awarded since its inception. Being recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor in IoT Services back in 2018 was an incredible achievement for us.

    Now, fast forward to today’s era where we are proud winners of the prestigious award – The IoT Evolution Product of The year (2021). These accolades are proof of the company’s commitment to delivering inventive solutions that aid businesses in utilizing the potential of IoT.

    From a simple cellular connectivity provider, the company has grown into an extensive IoT platform with features like instantaneous monitoring, precise billing, and automatic diagnostics. A complete solution is offered by it for businesses seeking to connect and manage their IoT devices.

    By establishing more offices in San Francisco and Singapore, the corporation has extended its global presence. Being privately held, it isn’t publicly traded as a business.

    A microservices-based architecture underpins the scalable and flexible technical infrastructure. Kubernetes manages containers within the platform, which is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The availability and dependability offered by Emnify are greatly enhanced by this infrastructure.

    The company recognizes the significance of protecting customer information and thus, has implemented multiple security protocols. ISO 27001 certification ensures that the company adheres to global standards for managing information security. For data in transit and at rest, end-to-end encryption is also utilized. The use of granular access controls ensures that only authorized persons have entry to sensitive data.

    With its range of APIs, developers are able to link up with its platform and construct tailor-made applications. Included in its API offerings are:

    • REST APIs enable developers to manage devices, SIMs, and subscriptions on the platform.
    • Real-time notifications about device status changes and events can be received through webhooks.
    • MQTT API facilitates bi-directional communication between IoT devices and the platform.
    • With GraphQL API, data querying from the platform becomes more flexible and efficient.

    Emnify’s well-established relationship with developers is supported by extensive documentation, sample codes and SDKs for swift startup. The company ensures that its customers can build innovative IoT solutions by hosting hackathons and providing developer support.

    With rapid response times and minimal latency, its API shows excellent performance. The ability to handle millions of devices and messages per day makes the platform scalable.

    By focusing on reliability and investing in a strong infrastructure, the platform has avoided any major downtime incidents in recent years. To guarantee quick and efficient resolution of any problems, the business offers 24/7 assistance.

    Expanding its offerings is Emnify’s goal for future plans. In addition, it endeavors to provide imaginative solutions that empower businesses to exploit the potential of IoT. The company intends to improve its platform’s capabilities and broaden its global presence by investing in research and development. Furthermore, it strives to cultivate solid partnerships with developers and furnish unparalleled aid for its clientele.

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