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Stedi is a software company that provides businesses with a cloud-based platform for managing electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions. The company’s technical specs and infrastructure are designed to handle high volumes of data and provide real-time visibility into EDI activities.

It offers several APIs that developers can use to access its EDI services, including:

Inbound API: This API allows developers to receive EDI documents from trading partners and automatically process them within their own systems.

Outbound API: This API allows developers to send EDI documents to trading partners and receive real-time acknowledgments and status updates.

Data API: This API allows developers to access and query EDI data stored in a cloud-based database.

The infrastructure is designed to be highly scalable and reliable, with multiple redundancies to ensure that EDI data is processed quickly and accurately. The company uses a combination of cloud-based servers and databases to manage EDI data and provide real-time visibility into EDI activities.

In terms of security protocols, the platform uses industry-standard encryption protocols to secure data transmission between its servers and clients. The company also employs multiple layers of authentication and access controls to ensure that only authorized users can access its APIs and EDI data.

As far as known breaches, there have not been any significant data breaches reported. However, the company regularly updates its security protocols to stay ahead of potential threats.

API performance is generally reliable, with fast response times and minimal downtime. However, API performance can vary depending on factors such as network latency and the number of concurrent requests.

They have not had any significant downtime reported in recent years, which suggests that its infrastructure is highly resilient and reliable.

As a company, it has evolved over time to expand its EDI offerings and provide more advanced features to businesses. In the future, the company plans to continue innovating and expanding its platform to support a wider range of businesses and industries. Stedi’s vision is to make EDI as easy as possible for businesses of all sizes, and they plan to achieve this through ongoing investments in technology and partnerships with other software providers.


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