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Duffel API

Latest Duffel API News

    The UK-based technology firm Duffel offers an API that allows users to reserve flights, hotels, and rental cars. Steve Domin, Tom Bates, and Vincent Pastor founded the company in London in 2017.

    Being recognized as an innovative and disruptive player in the travel industry has resulted in the company receiving numerous awards and accolades. We were selected for the Y Combinator accelerator program and named one of the Top 100 European Startups by Wired in 2019.

    Since it was founded, the company has been evolving as a company by expanding its offerings and partnerships to provide a more complete travel booking experience. Over $56 million in funding has been secured by the company from investors like Benchmark, Blossom Capital, and Index Ventures.

    Presently, the company is privately owned and not available for public trading. The team operating under the corporate structure is composed of over 70 employees that include engineers, product managers and sales & marketing pros.

    The modern technology stack utilized by Duffel enables the company to securely and efficiently process travel bookings. The subsequent APIs are employed by the company:

    1. Sabre: For flight booking and management
    2. Amadeus: For flight booking and management
    3. For booking and managing car rentals, use CarTrawler.
    4. For hotel booking and management

    The platform leverages multiple technologies including Python, Docker, Kubernetes and PostgreSQL. These technologies ensure a seamless user experience by supporting the platform.

    The company prioritizes user’s data protection with strict security protocol without experiencing any major breach. The company employs encryption to safeguard sensitive data and routinely performs security audits and testing to guarantee the integrity of its systems.

    Maintaining a strong relationship with developers, it provides an easy-to-use API that allows them to integrate its travel booking functionality into their own apps and platforms. Providing a smooth travel booking experience to users is made possible by this for developers. The company assists developers in getting started quickly by providing comprehensive documentation, SDKs, and support.

    When it comes to API performance, the company has attained fast response times, averaging at less than 50ms. A distributed architecture and auto-scaling are implemented by the company. A reliable service is ensured for users as the platform can handle high levels of traffic.

    The platform has been operating with high availability and minimal disruption without experiencing significant downtime.

    Duffel has plans to innovate and disrupt the travel industry in the future through expanding its offerings and partnerships. Travel insurance and activities will be added to the company’s offerings as additional travel products. Moreover, the company plans on partnering with additional airlines, hotels, and car rental providers in order to offer a more extensive and smooth travel booking experience.

    Duffel’s robust technical infrastructure, dedication to security, and API that developers love position it well for future growth and success.


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