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Key Plaid API Resources


DNS Nameserver Host: Amazon.com, Inc.

Developer Sitehttps://plaid.com/docs/

Open API: https://github.com/plaid/plaid-openapi

Postman Collectionhttps://www.postman.com/api-evangelist/workspace/plaid/overview

API Docs: https://plaid.com/docs/api/

Open API Specification: TDB

Plaid API Plaid: Enabling all companies to build fintech solutions

Latest Plaid API News

    About Plaid API

    APIs from Plaid are utilized for offering a platform to share and integrate financial data through APIs.

    Financial institutions and fintech companies can safely connect to their clients’ bank accounts via the platform offered in a seamless way. With its suite of APIs that include those for budgeting apps, investment apps and lending platforms among others; developers can build innovative financial applications thanks to the company.

    The authentication of bank accounts, retrieval of transaction data, and initiation of transfers can be achieved by developers through the API. Accessing financial data across North America and Europe is achievable for developers as it provides information from over 11,000 financial institutions.

    APIs power the platform. Accessing financial data securely and initiating transactions efficiently is possible for developers through the use of the company’s APIs.

    The API enables developers to authenticate bank accounts. The login experience for end-users is seamless and secure, eliminating the manual input of banking credentials.

    Developers can retrieve transaction data from bank accounts connected using this API. Up to two years of transaction history can be obtained by developers.

    Obtaining real-time balance information from bank accounts connected is possible for developers using this API.

    With the API, developers can verify the identity of individuals who hold bank accounts. It gives details like name, address as well as the date of birth.

    The API enables developers to access investment account data from financial institutions that are linked through it. Data including holdings, balances, and transactions can be accessed through it.

    A developer-focused approach to its platform has helped them establish a solid connection with developers. With extensive documentation, sample code, and SDKs available from the company, integrating its APIs into their applications is a breeze for developers.

    Developer support is available to users through its community forum, email, and live chat. Hackathons, webinars, and meetups are regularly hosted by the company to connect with its developer community and obtain feedback.

    Notable downtime incidents have occurred in the past. During 2019, they underwent a major outage lasting several hours that impacted thousands of developers and their users. Within just a few hours, the issue caused by server configuration was resolved.

    To avoid similar occurrences in the future, Plaid has implemented safeguards, including upgrading monitoring/alerting systems and increasing capacity/redundancy.

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