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    A wide variety of business and personal solutions are provided by Daily, which functions as a technology firm. Founded in Pakistan, Ali Afridi and Yusuf Sabuwala established the company in 2017. We sought to create a stage that facilitates uncomplicated entry to various customary services.

    Ever since being established, Daily has received several accolades and awards for its inventive solutions. In 2018, the Seedstars Islamabad competition saw the company as its winner. Startup Grind named it one of the top 100 startups in Pakistan in 2019.

    As an enterprise, Daily has progressed to furnish a range of commodities and amenities that satisfy the day-to-day necessities of people and organizations. Providing solutions for both businesses and farmers are the core products of this company. These include Daily Pay – a payroll solution – and Daily Kisan – an agriculture-focused platform providing access to valuable information and resources. They offer another service called Daily Dukaan where small business owners can sell their products online; and also provide the facility of Daily Insaf which help people find suitable lawyers.

    The company Daily is held privately and not traded publicly. The public cannot access the corporate structure of the company.

    The use of several APIs is how Daily powers their platform’s technical specifications and infrastructure. These include:

    1. Twilio for SMS communication
    2. Google Maps for location services
    3. Stripe for payment processing
    4. SendGrid for email communication
    5. AWS for cloud computing and storage

    The safety of its platform and users is paramount for Daily, that’s why they have implemented several security protocols. All data transfers are secured through SSL encryption while firewalls and intrusion detection systems are also used by the company to avoid any form of unauthorized access. No known security breaches have affected Daily so far.

    Maintaining close ties with developers, Daily has developed numerous APIs that enable seamless integration into their platform. The extensive API documentation offered by the company comes equipped with several helpful developer tools, making it simple for programmers to start.

    No specific metrics or benchmarks for their API performance have been published by Daily. Despite this fact that it consistently works on optimizing its API performance, speed and reliability are still crucial for the company.

    To our knowledge, Daily has not faced any considerable downtime or service disruptions.

    Expanding their offering of products and reaching more people is what Daily plans for in the future. Expanding into new markets and developing innovative solutions that make daily tasks easier for individuals and businesses is of interest to the company. Daily strives to be a single source for all daily essentials, and the organization is devoted to pursuing this goal with zeal.

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