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Alchemy API

Latest Alchemy API News

    With its array of tools and APIs for building dApps on the blockchain development platform, Alchemy is an excellent resource for developers. Founded in 2017 by Nikil Viswanathan and Joe Lau who had previously worked together at a payments startup called Quantifed Commerce. With its base situated in San Francisco , the company has received investments from different backers including Pantera Capital , Stanford University and Coinbase Ventures

    With its highly scalable and secure architecture specifically designed for supporting high-performance dApps, Alchemy has established a robust technical infrastructure. To maintain optimal performance and reliability, it utilizes both cloud-based infrastructure as well as on-premise data centers. Alchemy provides an API gateway that enables developers to easily access blockchain data without writing complex code by sitting between the blockchain and dApps

    As an indication of how seriously Alchemy takes the issue of security on its platform, it has instituted a number of protective measures. To make sure that the data transmission & storage is secure while complying with industrial benchmarks such as SOC 2 & ISO 27001, Alchemy utilizes sophisticated encryption techniques along with hash functions. There have been no noteworthy security breaches reported by Alchemy so far

    Using Alchemy’s range of APIs makes it possible for developers to develop dApps on blockchain technology. These include:

    The standard way to interact with Ethereum blockchain nodes is through Web3 API.

    With EthWatcher API’s monitoring system you can track real-time events in Ethereum smart contracts.

    A notification service called Notify API alerts developers when their contracts are executed or when a particular event occurs on the blockchain.

    Addresses and Contracts are two things that the Data API provides with both historical and real-time information about their respective Ethereum Transactions.

    With the help of the Meta API you can obtain metadata related to Ethereum blockchain data such as smart contract source code and transaction receipt information.

    Developers can be reached by Alchemy through different ways like their developer documentation and community forums plus their blog. Additionally, at the company there are plenty of resources available to developers including sample code and tutorials. They can also access documentation as well as receive support through the developer portal

    Alchemy aims to extend its platform’s capabilities even further while offering additional features and services for developers as part of their future plans in order to improve the growth of the blockchain ecosystem and provide support for more networks in this space.The company is planning on expanding their reach while enhancing their existing infrastructure. Furthermore, Alchemy has planned an investment towards research and development with an aim to remain at the top of blockchain technology while ensuring that innovative solutions are provided for all developers.

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