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With its financial data aggregation services, Yodlee serves both consumers and businesses, and California is where the company was originated and established back in nineteen ninety-nine. Clients can securely access their financial information from various sources such as investment accounts and credit cards using the company’s technology platform, and the incorporation of the tech into other products and services is facilitated by the use of its APIs.

In building financial applications that use financial data from multiple sources, developers can securely access them by using APIs. By providing a uniform way to access monetary data, the APIs enable developers to construct finance apps capable of working with multiple finance organizations. Accessing financial data has never been easier with support for a wide range of options including account balances and transaction history combined with investment details or even credit scores

Authentication and authorization are provided by REST-based APIs through the use of OAuth 2. Accessing a user’s financial information requires developer authorization obtained through the user. Upon being authorized for access, developers may use the APIs to receive and alter financial information. Scalability was top-of-mind when they developed its APIs which are capable of handling high volumes of data requests

The platform gives developers a chance to test their apps in a sandboxed environment before releasing them by providing access to a subset of financial data and not requiring actual user data while testing applications in the sandbox environment. Using this tool helps developers check that their applications are working as intended before they are released into a live environment

The sandbox environment includes a test suite that is available for developers to use in order to ensure their applications are operating correctly, making testing your application easier with the inclusion of various scenarios in the tests. These include adding and deleting accounts as well as retrieving account balances and processing transactions. To guarantee that their applications work correctly prior to deployment in a production environment, developers can use the test suite.

A developer portal exists in the confines of the sandbox environment that grants developers entry for obtaining access to documentation along with sample code and support resources. The developer portal offers a complete range of resources that developers can use to begin utilizing APIs and constructing their own financial applications.

In addition to the APIs and sandbox environment, it has a collection of pre-built financial applications that businesses can integrate in order to elevate their own financial products and services. These pre-built application offerings  include tools for account aggregation in addition to both transaction categorization and budgeting capabilities. Integrating and customizing these applications into a business’s own products or services offers its users an expanded set of financial tools

Yodlee prioritizes security and has implemented several measures to safeguard users’ financial information. To safeguard the data while it moves through its servers or stays at rest, it uses encryption on its platform. To ensure that unauthorized individuals cannot access financial information, it employs multi-factor authentication. Besides, the company undergoes periodic checks of its security measures in order to ensure they are compliant with the norms of the industry.

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