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Key Stripe Sandbox API Resources


DNS Nameserver Host: Akamai Technologies, Inc.

Developer Sitehttps://stripe.com/docs/api

Open API: https://github.com/stripe/openapi/tree/master/openapi

Postman Collectionhttps://www.postman.com/stripedev/workspace/stripe-developers/overview

API Docs: https://stripe.com/docs/api

Open API Specification: TDB

strip api performance information from APIContext

Latest Stripe Sandbox API News

Stripe provides payment processing services for businesses of all sizes as a technology company. Headquartered in San Francisco, California since its founding in 2010 is the company. Stripe’s payment processing platform allows businesses to receive online payments from customers globally. Stripe not only processes payments but has also created a set of APIs. Integrating payment processing technology into their own applications is made possible for developers through these APIs.

Stripe’s APIs that are easy to use and friendly for developers. By providing a broad selection of APIs, the company enables developers to build customized payment processing solutions. With its API integration capabilities for various payment methods including credit/debit cards, digital wallets or bank transfers; Stripe provides flexibility to its users.

The company has organized its APIs under varied categories comprising of Payments, Subscriptions and Connect. Its payment processing platform uses The Payments API as a crucial element that enables global acceptance of payments by businesses. The management of recurring payments and subscriptions is possible for businesses using the Subscriptions API. By using the Connect API, businesses can easily manage payments for multiple parties including marketplaces and platforms.

With its simple integration capabilities for existing apps, Stripe’s APIs utilize a RESTful architecture. Easy accessibility of Stripe’s APIs is facilitated by multiple language support from the provided libraries such as Ruby, Python and Java.

Before deploying their applications to production, developers may test them in Stripe’s sandbox environment. By providing access to a simulated payment processing environment, the sandbox environment lets developers test their applications without needing actual transactions. By using this, developers can confirm that their applications are working as intended before deployment to the production environment.

The Stripe sandbox environment offers multiple tools and resources for developers to use when testing their applications. Included within the sandbox is a test suite which developers can utilize to check if their applications are operating appropriately. Testing your applications is made easy with the inclusion of a diverse set of scenarios in the test suite for developers. Managing subscriptions, creating and processing payments, and handling errors are among the scenarios included.

There is a developer dashboard in its sandbox environment which gives access to documentation, sample code and support resources. The developer dashboard offers a complete collection of tools that developers may utilize to start working with Stripe’s APIs. The creation of custom payment processing solutions is possible for developers with these resources.

Included in Stripe’s offerings are payment processing services and APIs along with a selection of pre-designed payment processing solutions. Their own payment processing products and services can be improved by businesses using them. A selection of pre-built solutions includes the popular Stripe Checkout feature. To accept payments on their website or mobile app, businesses can utilize a customizable payment processing form. To help protect against fraudulent transactions, businesses can utilize a suite of fraud prevention tools.

The company takes the security of its users’ financial information seriously and employs multiple safeguards to protect it. Stripe secures data with encryption during transport and while it’s being stored. To make certain that solely authorized users have access to payment processing information, it implements multi-factor authentication. Also, it maintains adherence to industry standards by conducting routine security audits of their practices.

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