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Estonian entrepreneurs Taavet Hinrikus and Kristo Käärmann established Wise (previously TransferWise) as a financial technology firm based out of London, UK in the year 2010. Sending and receiving money across borders at a low cost is possible with the company’s peer-to-peer money transfer service.

Wise’s integration with banks and other financial institutions for transaction processing and provision of real-time exchange rates is facilitated through the use of APIs. Among the selection of APIs provided by the company are payment initiation ones. Initiating payments for users is possible through Wise’s payment infrastructure using these APIs.

Wise provides APIs meant for verifying a user’s bank account information and identity, which developers can employ. Accessing Wise’s real-time exchange rate data is made possible through the use of their currency conversion APIs, which are available to developers.

Fast response times and reliable uptime make Wise’s API performance widely considered excellent. Heavy investment in infrastructure enabled the company to incorporate redundancy and failover capabilities into its systems, thereby minimizing downtimes.

To aid developers in building applications that integrate seamlessly with its platform, Wise (previously TransferWise) has provided them with an array of tools and resources, demonstrating their strong support for developers. Through its provision of detailed documentation, sample code, and a supportive developer portal where users can connect with like-minded individuals working towards similar goals as themselves – all offered by the company -developers have ample resources at their disposal.

Wise (previously TransferWise) has faced a few notable outages in terms of downtime throughout the years. The company faced a service disruption in January 2021 which impacted multiple of its offerings, such as the API platform. The disruption caused inconvenience to TransferWise’s customers and partners for multiple hours.

In spite of the outage, Wise has typically remained trustworthy and consistent, experiencing only a few major periods of downtime. The availability and reliability of its APIs and other services are a top priority for the company’s commitment. The fact that it invests in its infrastructure demonstrates a desire to keep its platform performant and scalable.

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