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A financial data aggregation company called Finicity was established by Nick Thomas and Steve Smith in 1999. The provision of analytics and aggregation of financial data is a service provided by the company to lenders as well as institutional clients in finance. This article offers a comprehensive review that delves into the technical facets of the company, covering topics like API usage and future plans. Any security breaches it has encountered will also be addressed by us.

Technical Aspects

The utilization of advanced security measures within a dependable and highly secure infrastructure allows Finicity’s platform to protect customer data effectively. The platform secures data transmission through SSL encryption and offers multi-factor authentication (MFA) to enhance security.

Integrating the services of the company into their applications is possible for developers through APIs offered by the company. The following APIs are included:

With Finicity’s Account Aggregation API, developers are able to retrieve customers’ financial account details like their transaction history and current balance. To guarantee the security of data access, the API employs OAuth 2.0 authentication.

Using Finicity’s Income and Employment Verification API, developers can validate a customer’s income as well as their job status. An accurate verification report is generated by the API by analyzing a client’s financial data with advanced algorithms.

Using Finicity’s Asset Verification API, developers are able to validate a client’s possessions like real estate, investments and other monetary assets. By analyzing a customer’s financial data using advanced algorithms, the API provides an accurate verification report.

Future Plans

At Finicity, the focus on constant improvement and innovative thinking has led to rapid growth. Continued expansion of its services is a priority for the company’s future plans. Improving the customers’ financial data aggregation and analysis experience with new technologies development.

Finicity’s main focus is developing solutions for open banking. The corporation is partnering with financial establishments and other players in the industry to build a more open and connected financial ecosystem.

Security Breaches

Up to now, Finicity has not encountered any significant security breaches. The implementation of several advanced security measures by the company reflects its emphasis on protecting customer data and ensuring its safety. The measures taken include SSL encryption, MFA, and OAuth 2.0 authentication.

Moreover, third-party security firms regularly audit Finicity’s platform to guarantee its security and integrity. At the company, there exists a group of skilled professionals whose main duty involves monitoring the platform for any possible threats and taking necessary measures to mitigate them.

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