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Key Tink API Resources


DNS Nameserver Host: Amazon Technologies Inc.

Developer Sitehttps://docs.tink.com/

Open API: https://www.postman.com/Tink-ScottJacobs/workspace/tink-api-collection/documentation/7195996-b8494e6b-fa27-4c26-acae-84d7915295b6

Postman Collection: TBD


Open API Specification: TDB

Tink API | European open banking platform

Latest Tink API News

In Stockholm, Sweden in 2012, Daniel Kjellén and Fredrik Hedberg established Tink as a financial technology firm. The open banking platform of the company allows users to view financial data from different banks in one location. Thanks to this function, managing their finances has become significantly more convenient.

By utilizing APIs, the platform can connect with banks and financial institutions and access user data. Users can choose from different financial services. By utilizing the range of APIs, including the payment initiation API, developers can initiate payments on behalf of users through a secure and reliable payment infrastructure.

It also gives out APIs for account aggregation, which permits developers to obtain a user’s banking details from different financial institutions in one unified place. Furthermore, it offers APIs designed for transaction classification purposes. This feature enables users to gain a better understanding of how they spend and manage their finances more effectively.

A variety of tools and resources are provided to assist developers in building applications that can integrate smoothly with its platform. With its detailed documentation, sample code, and developer portal where they can connect with one another while working on comparable projects, the company offers an opportunity for developers to get help.

The company has gone through some remarkable outages over time when it comes to downtime. Numerous offerings of the company were affected by a significant outage in September 2019. This included their API platform. For several hours, an outage disrupted their customers and partners.

Although there was an outage, Tink has been mostly dependable and consistent, experiencing only a few notable downtime occurrences. Heavy investment has been put towards upgrading the infrastructure while building redundancy and failover capabilities into the systems, which enables minimizing any possible risks of downtime by the company.

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