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Jack Dorsey co-founded Twitter and established Square in 2009 as a financial service and mobile payment firm. The company renders various services to merchants including payment processing, point-of-sale hardware and software along with small business loans.

The key aspect of its offerings is its API. Integrating with Square’s payment processing and other functions is possible for third-party developers who create applications.

The company has multiple APIs on offer, including payment processing ones. Its payment processing system enables developers to receive payments through their own applications.

Developers can create custom applications for use with both hardware and software using the APIs for its point-of-sale products. Moreover, it provides APIs to manage customer data including the storage of customer information and loyalty program management.

A range of tools and resources to aid in the development of applications that can be integrated with services have been made available, which has been highly supportive of developers.

A community forum is available on the company’s developer platform where developers can interact by asking questions or sharing their thoughts. The platform also includes documentation and sample code.

Over the years, the company has encountered several noteworthy outages in terms of downtime. Several services of the company like payment processing, point-of-sale and website suffered due to an extensive outage in July 2020. The outage caused significant disruption for customers and lasted for several hours.

Despite the occasional downtime incident, Square has proven to be reliable and stable overall, including during this most recent outage. Investing heavily in infrastructure and implementing redundancy and failover capabilities are some of the measures that the company has taken to minimize downtime risks.

Square has effectively created a prosperous environment for developers and third-party applications to integrate with its payment processing and other services. The key to enabling this ecosystem was the company’s API platform.

The commitment  to supporting developers and assisting them in building inventive applications utilizing its services has been strong. Even though the enterprise has faced some noticeable downtime incidents, its overall dependability and stability have remained strong. Even today, Square continues to lead in providing payment processing and other financial services to merchants with varying business sizes.


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