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Key Reddit API Resources


DNS Nameserver Host: Amazon.com, Inc.

Developer Sitehttps://www.reddit.com/dev/api/

Postman Collection: TBD

API Docs: https://www.reddit.com/dev/api/

Open API Specification: TDB

Reddit API

Latest Reddit API News

Two college roommates named Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian founded Reddit in 2005 while attending the University of Virginia. The website was released in June of 2005. Submitting links and engaging in discussions on a wide range of topics made it popular quickly among users.

A publishing company called Condé Nast which possesses different media outlets like Wired, The New Yorker and Vogue obtained Reddit back in 2006. Advance Publications’ parent company Condé Nast acquired Reddit as its independent subsidiary in 2011.

In the course of years, Reddit has advanced into a colossal online community with in excess of 430 million active users. A significant contributor to news and information on the internet is what it has become. The ticker symbol “RDT” is used by Reddit, which went public in 2021 and can now be found listed on NASDAQ.

The technological stack of Reddit is modern and comprises of Python, PostgreSQL, and Cassandra. The website employs a content delivery network (CDN) in order to deliver content swiftly and effectively to global users. With its sturdy API, Reddit enables developers to fashion applications and tools that effortlessly mesh with the platform.

Reddit’s API enables developers to obtain various endpoints, such as retrieving user information, subreddit information, and comments on posts. The most popular Reddit APIs include:

OAuth enables third-party apps to authenticate with Reddit and obtain user data.

Accessing details on certain subreddits is possible with Subreddits.

To view comments on a post, developers can use Comments.

When using the search capability, developers can identify posts or comments that meet certain conditions.

The implementation of multiple security protocols by Reddit demonstrates a serious approach towards protecting its platform and users from potential attacks and data breaches. Nevertheless, the platform has encountered a few noteworthy security events, one of which was a 2018 breach that led to the compromise of email addresses and passwords.

Although overall reliable, the API performance for Reddit has experienced periodic issues with both rate limiting and downtime Monitoring the platform’s performance is easy for developers with Reddit’s API status page.

The platform Reddit has had several incidents of experiencing significant downtime due to technical difficulties or maintenance. A DDoS attack led to an outage in 2016 while an outage occurred in 2021 due to a DNS issue; these are two examples worth highlighting.

Various incidents, including those involving debates about moderation and content policies, have brought Reddit into the media’s attention on numerous occasions. In 2015, a number of subreddits were banned due to policy violations. Notable events also include the GameStop stock surge and WallStreetBets subreddit controversy in 2021.

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