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Key Flickr API Resources


DNS Nameserver Host: Amazon Technologies Inc.

Developer Sitehttps://www.flickr.com/services/developer

Open API: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/flickr/flickr-api-swagger/master/dist/schema.json

Postman Collection: TBD

API Docs: https://www.flickr.com/services/api/

Open API Specification: TDB

flickr API

Latest Flickr API News

In February of 2004, Ludicorp – a Vancouver based company – founded Flickr as an online photo-sharing and hosting service. Caterina Fake and her husband Stewart Butterfield founded Ludicorp after creating Flickr as a tool for their own online game.

The year 2005’s third month witnessed Yahoo!. It assimilated Flickr into its range of online services. Under Yahoo!, Flickr developed further by adding new functionalities such as geotagging and a recommendation system. SmugMug, a photography and image hosting firm, bought out Flickr in 2018; since then it has seen many alterations. A new subscription model has been added to these changes.

The primary infrastructure of Flickr is constructed using Amazon Web Services (AWS) that offers the fundamental requirements for storage, computing, and networking needs of the website. Flickr employs numerous APIs to interact with other services and applications. These include:

Accessing user data, photos, comments and other information is possible for developers through the main Flickr API. Flickr photo uploading and user account management are both feasible for developers using it.

This API enables third-party applications to access Flickr on behalf of a user by providing authentication services through Flickr OAuth API. A secure method of authentication called OAuth allows users to authorize data sharing without exposing personal passwords.

The use of JavaScript enables developers to access Flickr services via the Flickr JavaScript API. Web applications can integrate Flickr photos and data with the help of developers.

The Flickr Geo API offers geolocation information for photos on Flickr. A map can display photos that developers find by searching based on location.

Manage your photo sets on Flickr with ease using the capabilities provided by the Flickr Photoset API, which enables creation and modification. Organizing and sharing multiple photos together is made possible through photo sets.

Developers may utilize machine tags to add metadata to Flickr images through this API. Adding structured data to photos through machine tags can enhance search results and organization.

Flickr has designed its APIs to be versatile and uncomplicated overall. A wide range of applications and services that utilize Flickr’s rich library of photos and data can be created by developers.

Flickr’s history includes some notable security incidents when it comes to security. A breach back in 2013 led to the leakage of user login information. To ensure the safety of user accounts, Flickr implemented extra security measures such as two-factor authentication since then.

Flickr’s APIs are considered to perform well by many developers who appreciate how easy to use and flexible the Flickr API is. Even so, occasional issues with API downtime exist and they can potentially affect developers relying on the service for their applications.

The year 2019 saw Flickr encounter a major outage that caused significant downtime and impacted millions of users for several days. A combination of technical issues and database errors led to the outage. The engineers working for Flickr dedicated themselves fully towards restoring service for those who were affected.

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