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DNS Nameserver Host: Akamai Technologies, Inc.

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Open API Specification: TDB

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Latest Tumblr API News

David Karp and Marco Arment founded Tumblr in 2007. One of the most widely used microblogging sites on the internet emerged quickly. The company became a property of Yahoo when it got acquired back in 2013 and subsequently went under Verizon’s ownership during its acquisition process of Oath Inc.’s greater brand. With plans to reinvigorate its user base and functionality, Automattic -the parent company of WordPress- bought Tumblr in 2019.

A combination of open-source and custom technologies powers the infrastructure of Tumblr. Through the Tumblr API users’ account details such as their blog content history along with their follower count and liked items are accessible by developers. REST and JSON-RPC endpoints are both supported by the Tumblr API, with OAuth being its authentication method.

Several noteworthy security breaches have affected Tumblr over time. Hackers accessed user passwords and personal information after exploiting a code vulnerability in the platform back in 2013. Tumblr reset all user passwords and instructed them to update their login details. In response to worries over inappropriate material and child welfare, Tumblr declared a prohibition on adult content in 2018.

In the context of performance, there have been instances where Tumblr experienced some downtime although its recurrence rate and impact have reduced significantly more recently. The news has covered the platform several times because of its users and content policies. There was controversy among certain users over the aforementioned ban on adult content. Some felt that it restricted free speech without good reason. Despite the controversies that surround it, Tumblr remains a favored platform for sharing multimedia content and finding like-minded communities.

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