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In 2002 Reid Hoffman along with Allen Blue,Konstantin Guericke,Eric Ly and Jean Luc Vaillant founded LinkedIn which is now a popular professional network platform Sunnyvale, California is where the company’s headquarters are located after being launched in May 2003. The acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft took place in 2016 for $26.2 billion.

From its beginnings, LinkedIn has transformed into one of the most prominent global professional networking platforms. Membership spans over 200 countries and exceeds 700 million people. Job postings, company pages, messaging and professional networking opportunities are among the various features offered by the platform. LinkedIn also includes educational content like LinkedIn Learning and advertising services among its expanded offerings.

The backbone of LinkedIn’s distributed platform is a service-oriented architecture (SOA). The platform manages its operations using both open source and proprietary technologies in combination. Messaging is managed through the use of Apache Kafka while big data processing is handled by means of Apahce Hadoop. Stream processing is carried out using Apahce Samza.

The usage of LinkedIn’s range of APIs enables developers to develop applications and services which make use of its data and other facilities. These include:

Access LinkedIn’s advertising services through the LinkedIn Marketing Developer Platform API. Campaign creation and management, analytics data retrieval, and other functionalities can be handled by applications developed by developers.

The LinkedIn Share API allows developers to include LinkedIn sharing buttons on their websites and applications. Content sharing with LinkedIn connections is permitted by the platform for users.

Recruit through LinkedIn’s platform using their API. By utilizing this API service offered by LinkedIn’s recruitment platform allows developers the ability in creating programs designed for searching or managing job listings/resumes.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Application Platform offers an API. The capability of building applications that can manage leads, accounts and much more is enabled through this API for Developers accessing LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Services.

Developers can retrieve users’ education and professional background information using LinkedIn Profile API.

According to developers, LinkedIn’s API performance is typically dependable, featuring quick response times and minimal latency. The platform has faced some noteworthy periods of downtime throughout its history. Several hours of downtime in 2019 impacted users globally.

LinkedIn employs a range of security measures like encryption techniques, multi-factor authentication protocols and active tracking for identifying potentially malicious activity in order to protect user data. Several noteworthy security breaches have occurred within the company over time, one of which was in 2012 when millions of users’ passwords were exposed.

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