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DNS Nameserver Host: TBD

Developer Sitehttps://apis.developer.tsb.co.uk

Postman Collection: TBD

API Docs: https://apis.developer.tsb.co.uk/#/home#api-products

Open API Specification: TDB


Latest TSB API News

In the United Kingdom, TSB is recognized as a retail bank that originated from Trustee Savings Bank back in 1810. Savings accounts were made available by the bank specifically for workers and underprivileged persons. Before merging with Lloyds Bank in nineteen ninety-five, it operated independently as an array of banks. TSB became a standalone bank with more than 600 branches across the United Kingdom after being divested from Lloyds Bank in 2013.

Ever since the company’s relaunching phase began, TSB has gradually expanded their catalogue with added products like personal/business banking options in addition to various kinds of loans & insurances. By investing in digital transformation with a focus on mobile and online banking, the bank aims to enhance its customers’ experiences.

TSB utilizes various third-party APIs to facilitate services like payment processing and account aggregation. TSB utilizes several APIs including:

With Faster Payments, transferring money instantly between TSB accounts and other UK banks is possible.

Open Banking enables TSB to securely acquire customer data from other banks and financial institutions, which leads to a more integrated and streamlined banking experience.

Experian is utilized for verifying customer identities and preventing fraud.

To protect customer data, TSB has implemented several measures including two-factor authentication and encryption, demonstrating their commitment towards security. Nonetheless, the bank underwent some security breaches previously including a major IT outage in 2018 that affected millions of customers.

Developers and customers have generally given positive feedback to TSB regarding API performance. Although rare, reports of slow response times and connection issues have surfaced.

The 2018 IT outage that continued for many days causing problems to millions of customers was when TSB underwent major downtime. Improving reliability and reducing the likelihood of future outages were achieved by investing in its infrastructure by the bank.

TSB has constructed its infrastructure by blending on-premise and cloud-based systems, with a focus on scalability and flexibility. The smooth operation of its systems is guaranteed by the bank through utilizing various monitoring and management tools. It rapidly addresses any problems that occur.

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