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Domain: N/A

DNS Nameserver Host: TBD

Developer Site: Home | NewDay Developer Portal (newdaytechnology.co.uk)

Postman Collection: TBD

API Docs: Open Banking | NewDay Developer Portal (newdaytechnology.co.uk)

Open API Specification: TDB

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Latest NewDay API – Aqua News

United Kingdom’s Newday is a financial technology company based in London. Both having extensive experience in the credit card industry, David Vanek and Neil Radley founded it back in 2015.

Newday concentrates mainly on delivering credit card services to consumers situated in the UK. The aim of the company is to give versatile credit alternatives to customers who were possibly neglected by standard financial institutions and moneylenders. Since being established, Newday has experienced rapid growth and is now among the leading credit card providers in the UK.

The development of Newday as a company has persisted since its founding. Besides credit cards, the company now provides personal loans and retail financing solutions. The number of customers Newday serves in the UK has exceeded 5 million due to expanding its customer base.

To provide its services to customers, Newday utilizes multiple APIs. Included within these APIs are:

By utilizing the Open Banking API, customers can safely link their bank accounts to Newday’s platform and enjoy customized credit choices.

Credit card and loan payments are processed by this API, ensuring secure and reliable transactions.

To prevent fraudulent activity on its platform, Newday employs the Fraud Detection API.

This API is utilized to evaluate customers’ creditworthiness and establish their qualification for credit items.

Several protocols have been implemented by Newday to ensure the protection of its customers’ data as it is taken very seriously. All customer data is encrypted while regular security audits and strict access controls are observed.

No major data breaches have occurred at Newday thus far. Nonetheless, the business stays watchful and persists in investing in its security infrastructure to guarantee the safety of customer information.

Any problem related to APIs for Newday could have significant consequences like losing money or damaging the brand reputation, making it critical for optimal API performance. Newday invests in scalable infrastructure to handle increasing demand while closely monitoring its APIs for reliable performance.

In the past, Newday has encountered some slight downtime primarily resulting from maintenance and infrastructure upgrades. The company has taken measures to reduce downtime and guarantee continuous availability of its services to customers.

The use of cloud-based technology in Newday’s infrastructure provides both scalability and flexibility. By using both private and public cloud infrastructure, the company maintains reliable and available services for their customers.

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