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Key OBIE Directory API Resources


DNS Nameserver Host: TBD

Developer Sitehttps://standards.openbanking.org.uk/api-specifications/

Postman Collection: TBD

API Docs: https://standards.openbanking.org.uk/api-specifications/

Open API Specification: TDB

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About the OBIE Directory

A central registry called the OBIE Directory is used to group participants of the Open Banking ecosystem which are UK-regulated banks. Through the APIs listed in The Directory, third-party providers can access customer account information and perform payment initiations with support from these banks. Financial institutions, third-party providers, and customers use the Directory maintained by OBIE to navigate the Open Banking ecosystem.

Details on participating banks’ APIs and security protocols are available through the comprehensive list provided by the OBIE Directory. By regularly updating the Directory, we can guarantee that all details related to changes in the Open Banking landscape are both accurate and current. The test environment called the Developer Portal is part of the Directory as well. API experimentation is possible for developers prior to product integration.

Accessing bank and API details, security requirements, and technical specifications of the Directory is possible for third-party providers by using OBIE Directory APIs programmatically. The inclusion of the Directory’s information in their own products and services is a straightforward process for third-party providers who do not need to manually input or extract any information. OAuth 2.0 is used to authenticate and authorize access to the APIs that are based on RESTful principles.

Information about banks and their respective APIs can be accessed by utilizing several different endpoints provided within the OBIE Directory APIs. If you utilize the /banks endpoint you will receive a complete rundown of all banks that are partaking in addition to pertinent data such as their name, logo and website. The /banks/{bank_id} endpoint provides comprehensive information related to a specific bank including its API endpoints, security requirements and data types. Along with their contact information, the complete list of bank branches is given by the /branches endpoint.

The OBIE Directory APIs provide endpoints to access technical specifications and security protocols too. The /certificates endpoint furnishes data about the security certificates that are mandatory for accessing APIs of every bank. The /jwks endpoint provides the necessary public keys to validate the bank’s JSON Web Tokens (JWTs). Accessing the /metrics endpoint enables third-party providers to view usage statistics for the Directory and monitor their integrations’ performance.

Included in the OBIE Directory is a sandbox environment called Developer Portal. This allows developers to test their integration prior to deploying them into production. The Developer Portal has an extensive range of tools available for testing and debugging integrations. These include a mock API server designed to simulate bank participation behavior. These developer tools enable accurate verification of integration functionality. The included testing suite offered by the Developer Portal empowers developers to validate that their integrations satisfy both technical and security standards required by all banks.

The Developer Portal has comprehensive documentation and sample code for integrating with the OBIE Directory APIs. The documentation contains both technical specifications and API usage examples across various programming languages. By using the sample code provided, developers can expedite integration creation while ensuring adherence to established best practices.

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