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In 2005, Cashplus Bank was founded as a UK-based digital-only challenger bank. Founded by Richard Wagner, the CEO of the company remains unchanged. From its origins as a prepaid card provider, Cashplus became a complete bank in 2015. The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) gave it a banking license. The bank’s central office is situated in London with added locations available in both Liverpool and Mumbai.

One of the leading challenger banks in the UK is Cashplus Bank, which has evolved since its inception. From 2012 until now, the bank remains profitable while growing rapidly. Cashplus has over 1.7 million customers who have access to several financial services that include current accounts, loans, credit cards and savings account.

Improving the user experience while expanding their digital offerings is a key objective for Cashplus Bank. The bank has upcoming plans to introduce new products including a business current account and mortgage product soon.

Cashplus Bank employs a variety of APIs to fuel its services. Customers can instantly send and receive payments using the Faster Payments API among other APIs. Sharing financial data with third-party providers is made secure for customers through the Open Banking API, and managing recurring payments is easy with the Direct Debit API.

Security is Cashplus Bank’s top priority as a financial institution. Two-factor authentication, encryption, and regular security audits are among the range of security protocols used by the bank. Cashplus Bank, as with any bank, has faced security breaches in the past. At the bank, a data breach occurred in 2019 which led to personal information belonging to thousands of customers being exposed. The bank rapidly informed impacted clients and implemented measures to enhance its security procedures.

A digital-only bank like Cashplus relies heavily on the critical performance of an API. The bank has demonstrated a history of offering dependable API services, with minimal periods of unavailability. The bank has promptly addressed any isolated incidents of downtime in the past.

In order to maintain constant availability of its services, Cashplus Bank trusts in a powerful and expandable infrastructure. The bank employs both on-premise and cloud-based servers in tandem to achieve high availability through redundancy. Futhermore, the bank has made investments in advanced monitoring and alerting tools to promptly identify and address any issues that may occur.

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