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Latest FEC API News

The FEC is a regulatory agency of the US government that operates independently and was founded in 1975. The enforcement of the Federal Election Campaign Act, regulating federal election funding, is the reason behind its creation.

The infrastructure of the Commission comprises a Washington D.C. based headquarters and various regional offices across the United States. To lead the agency, six members appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate form a bipartisan commission.

The Commission makes use of multiple APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in order to aid its operations. These include:

  • Reporting can be done electronically through the use of the Electronic Filing API by political committees.
  • Campaign finance data and legal documents are among the public records accessible through the Public Records API offered .
  • The Candidate and Committee API offers details on registered political committees and candidates.

Considering that they are easy to use and reliable, developers think that the performance of the these APIs is generally good.

The Commission has adapted over time to stay current with changes in laws governing campaign finance and advancements in technology. To enhance transparency and limit the role of money in politics, several reforms have been implemented.

Numerous times, the Commission has grabbed headlines by enforcing penalties on political committees and candidates who have violated campaign finance laws. The criticism faced by it is due to its ineffective law enforcement. In particular, subsequent to the Supreme Court’s verdict in Citizen United that loosened restrictions on campaign funds by corporations and unions.

According to our understanding, the Commission has not faced any significant downtime or major security breaches. That said; various safety measures have been implemented to protect any information collected or stored by utilizing many different techniques such as encryption technology or firewall protection alongside an intrusion detection system. Its systems undergo regular audits and assessments to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

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