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Key FDA API Resources


DNS Nameserver Host: TBD

Developer Sitehttps://open.fda.gov/apis/

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API Docs: https://open.fda.gov/apis/

Open API Specification: TDB

FDA U.S. Food and Drug Administration API

Latest FDA API News

The regulatory agency called FDA belongs to the US Department of Health and Human Services. The Pure Food and Drug Act led to its establishment in 1906. The signature of President Theodore Roosevelt made the act a law. To prevent the manufacturing, selling, or transporting of food and drugs that were either adulterated or misbranded was its main objective.

Comprising a headquarters based in Silver Spring, Maryland and multiple field offices dotted across the country, the Administration’s infrastructure is well structured. The presence of a number of centers including but not restricted to The center of drug evaluation & research, biologic evaluation & research center along with devices & radiological health center is also notable.

The Administration uses multiple APIs, such as Application Programming Interfaces, to assist in its operations.

Patients, healthcare providers, and drug manufacturers can report adverse events to the FDA via the FAERS system. This information can be accessed using the FAERS API.

Administration-approved labeling information for prescription drugs, biologics, and medical devices can be retrieved using the convenient API provided by the  Product Labeling service.

Information pertaining to clinical trials that have been submitted by sponsors and investigators can be accessed using this API.

Accessing details on drug recalls initiated by the Administration is possible through this API, called the FDA Drug Recall API.

The APIs are generally regarded as good, with developers praising their ease of use and reliability.

The Administration has adapted over time to stay current with advancements in science and technology. Improvements in drug safety and the simplification of the approval process for new drugs and medical devices have been achieved through various reforms.

The agency has placed more attention on digital health technologies too. The promotion of innovative digital health products is the goal behind establishing a Digital Health Center of Excellence.

Several occasions have seen the Administration making headlines, notably due to how it tackled the opioid epidemic and its approval of gene therapy for cancer. How it handled the COVID-19 crisis.

To our understanding, the FDA has not faced any major downtime or critical security breaches. Notwithstanding this fact; there are numerous security measures implemented by the company to ensure that all gathered data is safe from harm. Such measures consist of encryption, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems. Its systems undergo frequent audits and evaluations to recognize and fix any potential weaknesses.

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