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Global Monitoring for a containerized world

For a cross-cloud, containerized world, APIContext offers the only Global Monitoring Network built for the needs of modern cloud solutions. Not only that but if the locations we provide aren’t good enough, then we provide our users the option to deploy their own.

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Truly Cross Cloud

Your customers, partners and users aren’t all on the same cloud. Why would you monitor from only one? 

With the world of serverless solutions, Kubernetes and more become how APIs are delivered, if you’re only monitoring a single cloud then you’re missing out on critical data.

Regional Locations and IP Addresses

Please refer to the up-to-date list available in our help pages.

CloudNameLocationIP address*Postman
AzureSouth Africa NorthJohannesburg, South Africa102.133.230.55Y
Asia – East
CloudNameLocationIP address*Postman
AWSAsia-Pacific East 1Hong Kong18.162.56.15Y
AWSAsia-Pacific Northeast 1Tokyo, Japan13.230.225.195Y
AWSAsia-Pacific Northeast 2Seoul, Korea13.124.218.140
AWSAsia-Pacific Southeast 1Singapore13.251.81.58
AzureAsia EastHong Kong40.83.73.26Y
AzureAsia SoutheastSingapore104.215.148.226Y
AzureJapan EastTokyo, Japan40.115.142.32Y
AzureJapan WestOsaka, Japan40.74.76.245Y
AzureKorea CentralSeoul, Korea52.231.67.149Y
AzureKorea SouthBusan, Korea52.231.156.73
GoogleAsia East 1Changhua County, Taiwan35.229.240.175
GoogleAsia East 2Hong Kong34.92.253.227Y
GoogleAsia Northeast 1Tokyo, Japan104.198.83.225Y
GoogleAsia Southeast 1Singapore35.240.214.54
IBMHKG02Hong Kong119.81.152.198
IBMTOK02Tokyo, Japan161.202.71.142
Asia – Middle East
CloudNameLocationIP address*Postman
AWSMiddle East South 1Bahrain15.185.44.238Y
Asia – South
CloudNameLocationIP address*Postman
AWSAsia-Pacific South 1Mumbai, India35.154.219.154Y
AzureIndia CentralPune, India104.211.95.244
AzureIndia SouthChennai, India104.211.225.220Y
AzureIndia WestMumbai, India104.211.155.54
GoogleAsia South 1Mumbai, India35.200.211.197
CloudNameLocationIP address*Postman
AWSEurope Central 1Frankfurt, Germany18.184.236.194Y
AWSEurope West 1Dublin, Ireland34.246.134.122Y
AWSEurope West 2London, United Kingdom3.8.133.66
AWSEurope West 3Paris, France35.180.74.127
AzureEurope NorthDublin, Ireland104.41.231.71Y
AzureEurope WestAmsterdam, Netherlands23.97.128.247Y
AzureUK SouthLondon, United Kingdom51.140.8.27Y
AzureUK WestCardiff, United Kingdom51.140.243.230Y
GoogleEurope North 1Hamina, Finland35.228.47.143
GoogleEurope West 1St. Ghislain, Belgium35.189.201.203Y
GoogleEurope West 2London, United Kingdom35.230.154.98Y
GoogleEurope West 3Frankfurt, Germany35.234.98.132
GoogleEurope West 4Eemshaven, Netherlands35.204.190.254
GoogleEurope West 6Zurich, Switzerland34.65.64.120
IBMFRA01Frankfurt, Germany159.8.184.13
IBMPAR01Paris, France159.122.104.85
IBMLON02London, United Kingdom159.8.95.116
IBMAMS01Amsterdam, Netherlands159.122.25.62
IBMMIL01Milan, Italy159.122.134.78
North America
CloudNameLocationIP address*Postman
AWSCanada CentralToronto, ON, Canada35.183.39.141
AWSUS East 1Ashburn, VA, United States18.209.8.237Y
AWSUS East 2Ashburn, VA, United States18.222.143.173
AWSUS West 1San Jose, CA, United States54.153.77.12Y
AWSUS West 2Boardman, OR, United States52.40.68.2
AzureCanada CentralToronto, ON, Canada40.85.231.209Y
AzureCanada EastMontreal, QC, Canada40.86.219.6Y
AzureUS CentralIA, United States40.113.236.215Y
AzureUS Central NorthIL, United States65.52.197.70Y
AzureUS Central SouthTX, United States104.214.49.202Y
AzureUS EastVA, United States13.68.129.87
AzureUS East 2VA, United States104.210.11.191
AzureUS WestCA, United States104.42.37.48Y
GoogleNorth America Northeast 1Montreal, QC, Canada35.203.3.245
GoogleUS Central 1Council Bluffs , IA, United States35.232.130.56Y
GoogleUS East 1SC, United States35.237.213.134Y
GoogleUS East 4VA, United States35.199.44.75
GoogleUS West 1The Dalles, OR, United States35.230.8.220
IBMDAL06Dallas, TX, United States50.23.149.234
IBMHOU02Houston, TX, United States50.23.13.210
IBMMEX01Queretaro, Mexico169.57.18.116
IBMMON01Montreal, QC, Canada169.54.79.53
IBMSEA01Seattle, WA, United States50.22.214.19
IBMSJC01San Jose, CA, United States169.53.138.120
IBMTOR01Toronto, ON, Canada158.85.82.116
IBMWDC01Washington, DC, United States198.11.239.18
CloudNameLocationIP address*Postman
AWSAsia-Pacific Southeast 2Sydney, Australia54.66.129.102
AzureAustralia EastNSW, Australia23.101.219.102Y
AzureAustralia SoutheastVictoria, Australia23.101.230.29Y
GoogleAustralia Southeast 1Sydney, Australia35.189.7.94
OpenHostNZAuckland, New Zealand112.109.84.70
IBMMEL01Melbourne, Australia168.1.103.182
IBMSYD01Sydney, Australia168.1.14.61
South America
CloudNameLocationIP address*Postman
AWSSouth America East 1Sao Paulo, Brazil18.231.148.71Y
AzureBrazil SouthSao Paulo, Brazil191.232.197.205Y
GoogleSouth America East 1Sao Paulo, Brazil35.198.28.161

* Note: IP addresses may change. Postman agents do not use these IP addresses.

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