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APImetrics announces 400% use growth

APImetrics announces 400% use growth

Strong momentum follows successful acquisition, seasoned product leadership, and a bold vision for runtime API governance from performance through to security validation


Seattle WA – October 21, 2022 APImetrics has experienced strong adoption and usage growth on its industry-leading, no-code runtime API measurement and monitoring platform, the company announced today.

The growth was driven by a focus on high-value, business-critical APIs in heavily regulated industries, along with organic adoption by developers and smaller enterprises.

“Coming out of the last few years, APIs have continued to be an essential part of operations for all companies and our laser focus on how to measure operational quality in a continuous and meaninful way has paid off,” said David O’Neill, co-founder and CEO of APImetrics. “Looking forward, we are seeing more and more growth potential from non-traditional groups interested in IT solution behavior.”

Notably, APImetrics has seen increasing demand within the financial industry and other highly regulated sectors, which are largely driven by the compliance and transparency requirements of governance initiatives.

“A decade ago, developers and IT teams were experimenting with APIs to expose business functions and perhaps to integrate partners,” said O’Neill. “As our results show, APIs have matured into a critical layer in the high-value distributed systems that deliver interoperability and global availability to the largest enterprises in the highest value industries.”

Responding to an increased demand for global coverage, APImetrics has also added 20 new monitoring locations in more than 100 data centers worldwide.

“People are realizing they need to have a common frame of reference for everything from API performance through to API security,” said O’Neill. “This means measuring from where the applications are being called and verifying the performance in a secure way in the cloud rather than relying on traffic monitoring at your API management platform or test and development frameworks.”

APImetrics’ roster of customers has grown to include marquee names in banking, fintech, IoT, and a majority of the top 9 banks in the UK as well as a growing list of developers and smaller shops that have adopted APImetrics entry-level tiers.

Larger customers, O’Neill observed, are turning to APImetrics to preserve order across heterogenous, enterprise-wide API programs.

“With multiple teams each developing multiple APIs, it can be enormously hard to maintain consistency and ensure that public-facing APIs are behaving according to plan, not mention in accord with industry regulations.”

Moving forward APImetrics is delivering on a robust, customer-driven roadmap for 2023, which encompasses ground-breaking new capabilities in AI/ML-powered runtime governance.

“No other solution combines our core strengths of API-native runtime visibility, validation, and assurance,” said Andrew Brown, Chief Product Officer at APImetrics. “In the coming quarters, our plan is to extend these capabilities deeper into the API ecosystem by integrating with API design-time and application development lifecycle solutions.”

The endgame, according to Brown, is “to provide API product managers and stakeholders across the organization with a comprehensive platform that helps them achieve their business-driven API goals, without getting bogged down by outages, performance issues, security breaches, and compliance reporting.”



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