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Social Network API Ranking Providers

The APImetrics social networking API rankings cover the following social networking providers:


About Social Networking APIs

Modern society has made social networks an essential component. Their impact on our communication, sharing and connection has been complete. APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) usage by social networks has developed concurrently with their evolution. Social networks permit third-party developers to obtain data and functionality using APIs. They can create novel applications that expand the functions of these platforms.

The inception of APIs in social networks can be linked to the early days of Facebook. Basic profile information became accessible along with the ability for posting user updates when Facebook introduced its inaugural API in 2007. Facebook’s extensive user base and engagement made it possible for developers to create applications that revolutionized the social media industry. New possibilities for innovation and growth emerged.

Developers were enabled to create applications interacting with Twitter’s platform through its API launched in 2007. Retrieving tweets and allowing users to post their own were the main priorities when developing this API. However, it rapidly progressed towards encompassing the aptitude of obtaining user data, exploring tweets, and engaging with the platform in a more purposeful approach.

LinkedIn launched its API back in 2009 as well for the professional social network. The API permitted developers to retrieve profile data and post updates for users. LinkedIn created its API with a primary objective of enabling developers to build applications that harness the professional connections and knowledge within its user base.

Social networks have been heavily investing in their API offerings in the recent years. A vast array of functionality including users’ data, pages and events are now at our disposal thanks to Facebook’s extended API. The functionality of Twitter’s API has expanded to provide real-time tweet streaming and filtering and searching capabilities.

The social network sector’s biggest API consumers are third-party developers who produce applications that connect with social networks. Social media management tools, analytics tools and customer relationship management (CRM) systems are some examples of the various forms these applications take.

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