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By making use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), UK Open Banking enables the customers of banks and other financial institutions to safely share their financial data with third-party providers under its regulatory framework. By creating new financial products and services, customers can receive advantages. Sharing customer data with other financial service providers enables encouragement of competition and innovation in the financial sector. The list of included providers encompasses budgeting apps, payment providers, and investment platforms. The UK’s broader Open Data strategy includes Open Banking as a crucial component. By making government and public sector data more accessible and transparent, this strategy seeks to benefit the general public.

Open Data differs from Open Banking as it denotes data that is freely accessible by anyone without any limitations. Sharing financial data between banks and third-party providers is what Open Banking refers to. The inclusion of various datasets is possible in Open Data which may comprise weather, transport or health-related information. Banking openness emphasizes financial data such as bank account balances, transactions and payment information.

APIs are utilized by both Open Data and Open Banking to facilitate data sharing and allow structured and secure data access. Open Data APIs enable developers and researchers to utilize different government data sets. Their consent enables third-party providers to gain access to customers’ financial data using Open Banking APIs.

Customers can securely and uniformly share their financial data with third-party providers via APIs thanks to UK Open Banking. The Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) requires all participating banks and third-party providers to utilize a set of open APIs that has been developed. This is to establish regularity and protection. Customers’ financial transactions such as accessing customer data, initiating payment are enabled through the API by third-party providers.

Open Banking PSD2 Sandboxes are testing environments where third-party providers can test their products and services against Open Banking APIs. They complete this before going live. A safe and controlled testing environment is provided by the sandboxes. Ensuring product compatibility with Open Banking APIs while also meeting necessary security requirements is made possible for third-party providers.

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